APSA finally hits the Motorplex!

Words // Phil Blondel


Perth Motorplex along with the Australian Pro Street Association – APSA has given the green light to be a part of their season opening event on the 31st October 2015.

APSA representatives Peter Pisalidis and Ray Treasure have been in regular meetings with Perth Motorplex Management to put an APSA event together. With the recent announcement of the go ahead for the Australian Pro Street Association to be allowed to run at the Perth Motorplex as part of their season opener, Treasure commented “To make this event happen with the overwhelming success at the recent events at Hidden Valley Drag Strip, this news just breathes new life and confidence into our sport. There will be some very interesting cars coming West to give WA fans a taste of the no holds barred APSA Pro Street Racing experience. Am I excited, yes I am excited.”

APSA cars are Australia’s fastest streetcars, although not all cars in every class must be registered, they must come as close to appearing so as possible depending on class. APSA this year will attempt to hold shootouts Australian wide and each state will recognise times and achievements by all no matter where.

APSA have created a class for all. Pro Street, Modified and True Street are all strictly heads up racing; man vs man, the way Drag racing was first started up and in most people’s opinion, the most exciting way to watch.

For the first time that APSA have run in Perth, there will be three combined APSA classes run at the Perth Motorplex season opening event: Outlaw 10.5/ Extreme/ Pro Street combined, Mod Street combined and then True Street, plus the main track classes in addition. The first event will see how many vehicles enter to race with hope that there will be enough interest for a stand-alone APSA event next season.

Some of the East Coast Competitors who have committed to running the Perth event include the record holding Moits Gas twin turbo Mustang of Paul Mouhayet, Shelly Davies, Craig Hewitt, Peter Pisalidis’ twin turbo Camaro, and Dom Luppino who is well known for his PSB Twin Turbo Mustang, and now his 67 TT Radial/10.5 Mustang, and Frank Mammone will be on his way too.

The WA contingent for the event looks strong too.
One person who has something to say to those who are willing to throw their best at Western Australia’s quickest sedan cars is WA’s own Daniel Gregorini. His Scratch n Match sponsored ’68 Camaro already has a personal best time of 5.87 seconds @ over 250 mph (380 kmh) Gregorini says about beating the turbo cars: “I will even bring a hair dryer and a waist belt. I think it would be great for the fans and exciting racing no pink slips because I don’t want to take a turbo car home to my shed.”

Shane Catalano will race his supercharged ’53 Studebaker: “If they’ll let me run the ‘Stude, I’m in.” said Catalano who will be back on track in his crowd favourite machine after some recent wild rides. Sprint car racer turned drag racer Pino Priolo has also shown his support to race the APSA cars. Crew Chief and Top Alcohol racer Aaron Deery is ready to throw everything they have at their slick shaped supercharged 1937 Chevy Coupe which already holds the title of the quickest (and probably the nicest) ’37 Chev in the world. These guys will not hold back on their PB of a 5.96 using their local track knowledge to have a crack into the 5.8 zone. When asked if they would take on the East Coast cars, a simple: “Of course” was his response. “We love the stuff…BRING IT ON” said Deery.

Travis and Bree Oberg are also interested to race the event. Their mouth watering supercharged Torana is something to be seen in the flesh, and leaves you hanging out for more. Oberg has been a big supporter of APSA over the years and is happy to see it come to Perth. Stuart and Ryan Moresby are another WA team who have shown their interest to run. Their supercharged Hotshot sponsored Holden Grange and Ford BF XR8 will add to the strong field. “We are pretty sure we will be up and running with both cars by then” said Stuart, and will be another team to watch out for.

Burnout regular Justen Brown will also be making his drag racing debut in a turbocharged VK Commodore. “When I heard about the event, I stood there wondering which car I should race? After weighing up the options, I decided the easiest car to get happening for the event would be my turbocharged VK Commodore. We will fit a roll cage into the car so that we can meet the ANDRA regulations and race this meeting in the VK, then my long term plan is to drag race my 1400+ rwhp “STRUGGLIN” wagon which we recently updated to VF specs. We want to run that car towards the end of the year, but for now we will get the VK ready for this show and go and have some fun” said the owner of Fordhold Wreckers. Also coming from the Fordhold stables will see Aiden Stampalia out in his single turbo VN Commodore looking to stir things up racing the likes of Craig Moar in X275.

Kev Boulton is keen to have some fun in his early model Camaro, and Jose Jardim is also hoping to make the event in his turbo Supra. Sam Rhodes will race his EK which now has an 8/71 supercharger, and the list goes on with Glen Evans also very keen to race his wild supercharged HQ Holden one tonner.

With more and more names being added to the list as the event draws closer, stay tuned for more exciting APSA developments as they happen and as news breaks of this exciting new development for WA Pro Street racing!!