A Porsche 911 ST Outlaw built for a home-town hero

Words & Images // Jordan Leist

The name Daniel Ricciardo is synonymous with speed, and this exotic ’68 Porsche 911 ST seems like the perfect accompaniment to his style. The comprehensive build was undertaken by the talented team at Ktec Autohaus under the direction of his father Joe. You may like to think that the car was just built and delivered back to the customers, but in fact, both gents had quite the involvement in the process and Dan had quite a lot to say about the build and the direction it should head. The main man behind Ktec Autohaus, Brendan Anesbury gave me the lowdown on this one-of-a-kind Euro beast.

“Joe and Dan hadn’t really had much to do with the Porsche marque in the past, so when he rolled into the workshop, Joe was really impressed by the sort of stuff we had going on. He spied the ’68 911 coupe we had bought from South Africa, and he just had to have it. The prices on these early, air-cooled examples are going through the roof and we are always searching high and low for premium examples – hence why we bought the car from overseas. This particular version was very tidy and in all honesty, it was more suited to a resto, but Joe and Dan wanted something more. We (Ktec Autohaus) really wanted to ‘hot rod’ it up and go wild with some big hp mods, massive brakes, and some more over the top stuff, but Joe was more inclined to build a lightly modified rebuild with some original specs. We agreed to meet somewhere in the middle and get the build started. In essence, the car is more of an Outlaw than just a restoration. It has heaps more power, heaps of attitude, and it has the detail work of a show car. It is pretty damn special,” explained Brendan.

With so much experience gathered over the years, the Ktec Autohaus palace is like a one-stop shop. “We do all the work in-house and only outsource the things we can’t do like the trim and the paint side of things. That way we control the quality of the builds and deliver top-shelf results. Joes was happy for us to do the lot.” The body of the sexy coupe was given minimal modifications albeit for the inclusion of the larger 930 rear guards. “They are a common mod on these older body types, but we like to take things one step further and beat back the edges and the lines for just the right look. The idea is to make the car look factory, but just more aggressive on the back half.” When it came to painting the car, the ideas on colours were mixed – no pun intended. “We could see something a little flashier; something that really pumped, but Daniel wanted to scale the look back, preferring to go with the era-correct Irish Green and with the subtle stripe package. At the end of the day, the concept still works and people like the look of the car, so that is all that matters.” The wheels have that classic retro look, but are just wider – 15x8s on the front and 10s on the arse. Decent sixed Michelin rubber does the job. Hidden behind the wheels are revamped factory stoppers. “We wanted to do a big upgrade on the braking system, but the guys believed that some factory stuff made the car a little more ’romantic’. We did however do some serious stuff on the suspension though – Koni gear, adjustable sway bars, and a few other tricks certainly do the car justice,” explained Brendan.

To power the car, Brendan handed over one of his own motors. “I had a solid 3.2-litre six from my old race car doing nothing, so we gave that a full-on rebuild. It is such a top engine – nice and revvy and with a heap of usable power. The short-stroke motor runs 11.5:1 compression, forged pistons, and some headwork and PMO carbies. We had a big-dollar RSR exhaust on the car, but it was just way too loud. Now we have something a little more sensible on it that suits the street a hell of a lot better. Behind the motor is a 915 ‘box – another common modification on the older Porsches,” mentioned Brendan.

The interior is clean and classy – nothing lary at all. The woodgrain dash ties in with the matching wheel and thankfully, all the trim stuff you can get reproduced. The cage adds some racetrack familiarity for Dan and the replica Recaro seats fit him perfectly. The cockpit might not be as advanced as an F1 car, but I l bet it’s a lot more refined and comfortable.

With the car completed after a mad 6 week rush – it was shipped off to the Motorclassica show in Melbourne for it’s first public outing. “Joe really wanted to make the show, so we pushed pretty hard at that mark and it was really worth it. The crowds flocked to the car- not just because of the owners’ name, but due to the quality product we delivered. The car is far from Concourse and to be honest, that is what I like about. It is the details and the little mods that make it cool and standout from the rest of the early Porsches. When Dan was back home last year, he clocked up plenty of k’s in the car. He loves it and doesn’t want to change a thing.” I gotta tell you Brendan, I think all of us feel the same – don’t change a thing and keep building sexy Euros mate, you have the right recipe.