Over the March long weekend (3rd-5th) the Motul Racewars descended into Albany, WA. Around a 5 hour trip with a car trailer. By Saturday morning, the local airstrip was jam packed with cars chasing the highest speeds they could achieve over 400m, 800m and 1000m distances with a rolling start.

Energy was high, with the staging lanes full instantly. Overcast conditions were perfect for the racers with the glare and temp on the strip kept to a minimum. The local punters continued to embrace the concept, with spectators flooding in the gates all day creating an awesome atmosphere.

With the sun going down, it was time for FORGED Magazine to take over and run our ever-popular, Cash Days event – a ‘run what you brung’ 8th mile drag race over the un-prepped surface. The show was massive and with 5 grand up for grabs to the winner, you just know that battle was going to be serious.

On Sunday, the VMAX runs were what everyone was talking about – these are the 1000m runs and are a sight to behold. Wheel spin on the start line, turns into a haze of smoke, from that point the cars disappear over the horizon at a rate of nots, until they are just a dot. If you are one of the lucky ones, you pass the final trap with a speed over 300km/h and you get to join the fabled 300 club. This year, 12 cars joined the list of 300 members with poor Jacob Copeman-Mitchell just missing out with a speed of 299.30 km/h recorded from his Ford XR6 Turbo.

Talk of the town earlier in the day was centred around the dangerous duo of Jose Jardim and Steve Jones who both rolled in after lunch with a Supra and GTR Nissan respectively. The two contenders had already eclipsed the 300km/h mark at previous Racewars events so it was great to see them arrive on the final day to race. Steve Jones had some massive boost cut issues in the Ant Scali, owned and tuned, GTR Nissan but still managed to run the fastest eclipsed time over the 1000m and still run 316.76 km/h to finish fourth overall. Jose grabbed third place for his efforts.

The big winner though was Eddy Tassone. His black HSV GTO rocketed over the 1,000m in 19.643 seconds and ran 334.93 km/h, making it the fastest RWD car in Australia, which was a huge achievement considering the 30 km/h headwind.

For more coverage of Motul Racewars, checkout issue 10, where we will have a full feature on the event.

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THE 300 CLUB FOR 2018

Ed Tassone  – 2006 HSV GTO,  334.93 km/h

Peter Gray – 1995 Nissan R33 GTR,  324.94 km/h

Jose Jardim – 1995 Toyota Supra, 321.20 km/h

Steve Jones –  1994 Nissan R32 GTR, 316.76 km/h

David Christie – 2001 Holden Commodore, 314.96 km/h

Simon Iseppi – 2008 Ford AU Falcon, 314.07 km/h

Ken Christie – 2001 Holden Commodore, 311.38 km/h

Anthony Knight – 1978 Mazda RX7, 310.60 km/h

Josh Herridge – 2010 FPV F6E, 310.48 km/h

Shannon Summers – 2007 HSV Clubsport, 306.74 km/h

Adam Monck – 1994 Nissan, 305.62 km/h

Royce Hall – 1989 Nissan Skyline, 303.23 km/h