Eddy Tassone, the man behind powerhouse workshop, Active Automotive, triumphantly took out the overall win at the Motul Racewars this year with his black HSV GTO and it truly was a sight to behold.

Eddy finished well and truly ahead of the competition and only just missed eclipsing the Australian record with a wheel-spinning, 334.93km/h run into a violent 30km/h headwind – who knows what speeds we could have been reached in better conditions!
The car was well and truly sorted on the weekend after battling head gasket issues leading up to the event, which saw the motor pulled out three times in the last two weeks. Ever the professional, Eddy got on top of it all though and laid down the fastest pass ever seen at Racewars.

In a car that’s really only set up for drag racing, the achievement was therefore even more impressive. For the punters who want to know – it’s gone 8.25 @ 170mph over the quarter!

What does it take to be the winner of Motu Racewars? Well, over 1500hp is a good start. Eddy has bolted together an all-alloy 460ci LS motor based around an RHS block and Mast Mozez heads. A pair of Precision 76/75 snails (running 20psi) are mounted way down low and out of the way, with a Plazmaman intercooler and a sheet metal high-rise, Marcelle Manifolds intake playing their part. Years of development has gotten the car to a world-class level.

On the all-conquering pass, Eddy nudged the boost up to 24.4psi through the motor and then came back out very late in the day to have a crack at the national record. With some more boost dialed into the car, he ran through the 800m traps at 314km/h way out of shape, so he sensibly buttoned off.

All in all, it was a massive achievement for an Aussie built, rear-wheel drive car to take such a huge win. Congratulations to Eddy and the whole Active Automotive team. We can’t wait to see what next year brings!