You would be hard pressed to find a more humble gentleman than Mr Peter Gray, but out on the track, the guy is a demon. Throwing it down with the best of them and making it look easy in his insane, AWD Nissan R33 GTR.

Peter has fallen in love with Motul Racewars and this was his third crack at the event. “On my first attempt at the event I ran 268 km/h and then the second event I attended, I went 288 km/h. I had well and truly caught the bug,” explained Peter.

It wasn’t all fun and games though as Peter destroyed three gearboxes at the last event before giving up. “The car was just too much for the standard boxes, so I decided for 2018, I would purchase a Hollinger ‘box and step things right up.”

Before he returned to Racewars though, he put some serious effort into the car. “I gave the car to Mike Ward at WA Racing Developments and he worked his magic. The guy is great at what he does and anyone will tell you, he is a clever, clever man.”

The Gidgie Motorsport car developed 1,011hp from the recently refreshed, 2.8-litre Tomei, stroker motor (an increase in capacity from the previous 2.6-litre motor) on the WA Racing Developments hub dyno. “I was stoked with what Mike had delivered and I was excited to hit the track.”

After running 308km/h over the 800m roll ons, Peter was still getting used to the new Hollinger ‘box. “I hadn’t driven the car until it was raced. The car was brutal. It is making so much power and at times, it was un-drivable with wheel spin. I won’t lie, the car scared me. I am too old for this type of thing,” laughed Peter.

Later on Sunday, over the 1000 metres, the GTR reeled off an impressive 324 km/h, making it the second fastest pass in Racewars history (second to Eddy Tassone’s event winning pass of 334kmh) The car also became the fastest GTR in Australia over the 1000m, which is huge!

An awesome car and an equally awesome performance – we thank Peter for his continued involvement with Racewars and congratulate him on his efforts this year.