RED HOT – A Harrop supercharged Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 crept onto the market back in 2012 and was something fresh and bold for Toyota. One major selling point, besides its fantastic looks (inspired by the Toyota 2000GT), was the fact that the car was rear wheel drive. For the previous 20-or so years, the Celica was front wheel drive and well, that didn’t really do much for the driving enthusiast. The 86 came in at a nice weight, with great dimensions, a revvy motor and well, a heap of style. It was regarded as many, as the ‘perfect platform’.

It wasn’t long before international and national companies were finding ways to make the car go faster, make more power and handle better. The 86 was never about raw power, it was about balance.

Many of the cars found their way to track days, and this prime example is one such ride. The young owner, Lachlan Webster, was spending a heap of time doing circuit work, so it was inevitable that his car would end up being modified.

Looking to enhance the performance of his 86, Lachlan took small steps in upgrading the car to track the improvements. It wasn’t long before it was time to look at making some more power and all avenues of forced induction were researched. It was after a visit to Luke Pardini and the team at Youngs Performance that Lachlan discovered that the supercharger system that Harrop offered was just what the doctor ordered.

Designed and manufactured by Harrop to OE standards, the TVS1320 Supercharger system is exclusively designed for the FA20 engine which is in the FT86 derivatives – GT86/BRZ/FRS.  It features superior engine bay integration and performance efficiency and to boot, the kit is supplied with an emissions compliant calibration.

Luke was on-hand at the shoot of the car to run through some of the specifics of the combination. “The supercharger is the Harrop TVS1320 which is based off Eaton’s 6th generation TVS technology. The standard kit comes with a 6PK designed pulley which is 95mm but there are other sizes available with the smallest size being 65mm. In the standard setup, the kits runs 8.7psi which tapers from 4.5psi @ 2000rpm to the 8.7psi @ 7400rpm. Using an inverted supercharger in the centre of the one piece manifold allows for more plenum volume both before and after the intercoolers,” Luke explained.

Fuel and air delivery are taken care of by the OEM setup mostly.  The standard fuel rails and fuel injectors (both the port and direct) are retained in this kit with only the port injection needing to be swapped over from the original intake manifold to the supercharger.  The air intake system is 50/50 OEM and Harrop.  The front (or dirty side) of the air box is the original items as is the MAF card which is swapped into a newly designed rear (or clean air side)  The original air filter is swapped out for a hi-flow BMC washable air filter.

“Overall this FDFI1320 kit has proven to be a fantastic addition to the FA20 engine.  Not only in the power and torque gains (of more than 50% with a huge power increase of 65Kw and 93Nm of torque over standard) but also from the point that this kit has passed IM240 drive cycle emissions test. The supercharger really has transformed the driving experience of the 86 to create a performance package comparable to many higher price point sports cars. It is an achievement that Harrop and we at Youngs Performance are extremely proud. It represents their commitment to technical excellence in automotive performance in both design & manufacturing,” said Luke.

Young Lachlan hasn’t had the chance to get behind the wheel as yet but I am sure that the new gains will put a big, big smile on his dial.

SOURCE – Youngs Performance (08) 9449 9462