You would never guess that there is over 1000hp under the hood of this F6E

Words & Images // Jordan Leist

I would like to think that we have reached a point in time that people don’t need to justify their choice in modified cars; especially late model rides and in particular, turbocharged warriors. Gone are the days that you needed an eight-cylinder motor to develop horsepower or to go fast – instead, lighter engines, with less cubic capacity have come up through the ranks to be the real shining stars. It seemed like, out of nowhere, Ford developed a turbo six cylinder that did it all and better yet, could be easily modified into being an absolute missile. The ‘Barra’ motor was the golden child for the blue oval brigade. Whilst the Holden guys have the LS, the Ford kids had something equally, or even more impressive in the six. People started to take notice and Joshua Herridge was one such lad.

“There was a red F6 with the rego ‘TUFFOON’ which was the first really modified falcon I came in contact with years ago – it was insane. If you saw it on the street you would think it was just another Falcon getting around but it was a monster just hiding in plain sight. At Powercruise one year it was chopping cars left, right and centre. That really made me sit up take notice of the late model Ford stuff,” explained Josh. The choice seemed simple, Josh went out and bought a brand spanking new XR6 FG ute and was stoked with his purchase. One problem though, it wasn’t really his dream car. “The new car fit the bill for a while but I really wanted an FPV F6E. The issue there though, they are super-rare and highly desired. Only every now and then do they come up for sale and they are snapped up fast. I decided that before I pumped money into the ute modifying it, I should really keep a lookout for an F6E.” What makes the F6E so special? Well, it is not your average Falcon – it is the premium car of the Ford lineup. Extra gizmos, bonus goodies and the small build numbers is what make the cars desirable. They came out around the mid-70 price range and even still demand a decent price these days. Somehow, Josh located an absolute gem and the ute was unloaded after only 12 months of service.

“Initially, it was just a few simple mods to get the car to go better. You know the story – keep it simple with bolt-ons and such. I did that and that car made over 500hp at the rear wheels. Sadly, I killed a motor at the Collie Motorplex when a turbo let go and that was the end of that. I had the car off the road for around ten months and just left it alone. Eventually I got enthused with it again and sent the car to Rob at Monsta Torque.  After he pulled the motor down he discovered that the bearings and rods were fried. The engine had to be rebuilt and well, let’s just say it kind of escalated,” laughed Joshua.

In fact, once that decision was made to do a ‘built’ motor, the whole driveline was upgraded – front to back. Firstly, Rob got stuck into building a bullet proof base. The 4-litre block was treated to a whole heap of Manley gear in the rotating assembly. The factory head copped roller rockers with Ferrea valves and Crow race springs. “I started to look at new turbo options and it became pretty obvious that I was going to have to with a high mount styled manifold and therefore, I decided to go a little larger with the turbo. After discussing it with Rob, we decided on the Garrett GTX 4292r with a CRG manifold.” Getting the right amount of fuel to the pointy end is the responsibility of a Process West surge tank with two Walbro 460 pumps and a Walbro in-tank pump too. ID2200cc injectors put the E85 to use whilst a complete X-Force exhaust system sees the spent gases expelled at a rate of knots.

Rob then showed Josh the new range of Plazmaman plenums so that was next on the hit list. “The plenum came in a raw finish and it didn’t match the turbo at all so I went to town on the bay and had the plenum polished, I powder coated the rocker cover and also polished a heap of other stuff. I had some braided brake lines made and at the time, it made sense to paint the ‘bay whilst the engine was out. I am really stoked with how it all turned out. There aren’t too many late model Fords kicking around with the same amount of detail under the bonnet. I am definitely proud of the finished set up,” explained Josh.

As mentioned earlier, the whole driveline copped some attention – the ZF 6-speed was given the full Monsta Torque makeover and equipped with a 3,500 stall. A chrome moly tailshaft sends all of the 922hp hurtling towards the Truetrac centred rear end. Maybe I brushed over the horsepower figure too fast, that wasn’t a misprint guys – the car really does makes 1,008hp on 30psi. (on a recent tune for Motul Racewars) Insane power for any car but a late model six cylinder -well, that is incredible!

It was that power figure that had Josh looking over the AP Racing brake catalogue. The front of the car was upgraded with 365mm rotors and 6 pot calipers whilst the rear has been fitted with 330mm units with 4 pots. The car goes through the twisty stuff much better too thanks to Bilstein and Dobinson components. When it came to wheeling the car, Josh went a completely different route and was chasing something classy and with a Euro type feel. Well, the 19-inch Klutch wheels certainly fit the bill – 8 ½s on the front and 10s on the rear. The subtle, factory-spec body kit, tinted windows and the decent lowering job, give the silver weapon just enough attitude without taking any class away.

Overall, the car ticks a lot of boxes – it makes crazy power, looks both impressive and tasteful, it flies under the radar and if all things go right, well a 9-second time slip is well and truly on the cards. For Josh, it is going to be hard to part with the car. “In all honesty, what would I replace the car with? Nothing would really compare or cover my needs. It has all the power I want and all the luxury too. I can give it to my mum to drive to the shops and she would never know it was any different from standard. For me, this is the ultimate car I could have built.”